1. The Icy Storm continues to blow as Ur's Legacy is once again Alive.

    Well, this Chapter is enjoyable. It is a "Vs." Chapter that is a really a Versus. A Unique One of Its Kind in This Arc.

    To Boost the Battle up, The Cover of This Chapter is the Battle Itself.

    Continuing from...
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  2. Well, This is The Double Review of Both Chapter 387 and Chapter 388 together.

    Starting with Chapter 387, The 4th Part of Tartaros Arc begins. It is either Father and Son or Father and Child. I would think that it is intended to be Father and Child since that can literally cover anything...
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  3. Apparently, together with this week's Manga Chapter, Weekly Shounen Magazine (the Magazine that serializes FT) announced the Anime's 16th OP/ED!


    OP will be Strike...
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  4. Well, The Frozen Review of Chapter 389 has now been frozen even further and reflect a reflection of both 389 and 390's Review with The Young Boy's Cold Story.

    Chapter 390 is a really good and enjoyable Chapter. It does make me want to make a Review more so than previously.

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  5. Finally, the Review for 88 Constellations' Purification Light has emerged. This is now the Last Review of Part 3 of Tartaros Arc. The Reviews started with Part 3 After All. The Cover is nothing extraordinary. The Chapter continues where it left off in an epic way.

    Urano Metria in its...
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