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We're not a super strict forum, we believe a community should be fun and engaging more than anything. All we ask is you apply common sense and think twice before interacting.

Consequences for rule breaking

Information regarding the types of punishments a member could receive when and if they break any of the FTB Rules.

- Verbal Warnings

This is often the go-to method for forum staff to correct minor offenses from first time offenders. However, verbal warnings are still to be taken seriously.

- Infractions

When verbal warnings fail to work or the content demands a harsher punishment. Infractions can quickly lead to a ban depending on how many infraction points the rule-breaker has accumulated.

- Bans

You can be out right banned or build up enough infractions to be banned. Bans are often lifted after a certain amount of time depending on the severity of the rule that was broken and the member themselves. Members who repeat the same offenses or members who post content that requires more than a temporary ban will be permanently banned without any further negotiation.

Inappropriate Content & Advertising

FairyTailBase is a forum for all ages and for everyone. For this reason any inappropriate content over PG-13 is not acceptable. This includes but is not limited to avatars, posts, threads, signatures, etc...We have zero tolerance for this and it is a bannable offence

If the sole purpose of you joining our community is to advertise or recruit members, then we will have to take action against you. We allow you to link to sites, even your personal ones as long as your intentions remain clear. We do not allow linking to illegal sites, such as anime hosting, warez, etc...

No Linking to 3rd Party Anime & Manga Hosting Sites

We like to support the Mangaka and Anime Distribution companies, so for this reason we do not allow linking to sites that provide such content without the appropriate licence and permission. Linking to official/licensed sites is always permitted.

Use Don't Abuse

Every feature such as post ratings (likes), blogs, mentions, conversations, etc.. are privileges. This means if you abuse them or use them in a harmful/pointless manner they will be revoked and you will be warned. One frequent example of this for instance is the post ratings, if you are liking every single post your friends make or are disliking someone's posts for no obvious reason this will get your like privileges revoked and a warning on the side.

Be Contributive

Be a well known quality member and avoid the following:
  • One Liner Post. Such as "LOL", "Okay", etc
  • Consecutively Double/Triple/* Posting. Simply edit your original post if you have anything to add
  • Getting Off Topic. Make sure to contribute to the original thread topic being discussed, if you're feeling extra chatty have a look at the Tavern section
  • Mini Modding. Please leave the moderation to us, use the report function and let us handle it

Member to Member Interactions

Sometimes it can be hard when someone has a completely different opinion than you and you think it's wrong, or worse they are being very offensive and rude, but that doesn't mean you have to stoop to their level. You can 'kill' them with kindness as they say or report them and let the staff handle the bad eggs.

Your postings, should be in english, avoid excessive swearing, and should absolutely avoid "Leetspeak"

Report Members who are breaking the rules or are just repeatedly bothering you. Do not engage with them simply report the content and carry on.

- Vulgarity

Less is best. If you have to think about whether you should say something or not; you probably shouldn't say it. We are very lenient on what can be said so long as it is not in excess. If you are dropping the 'F' bomb every other sentence then you could be subject to an infraction depending on the staff members discretion. Insulting a member or staff is an automatic infraction. When posting images or media containing explicit lyrics or words try and use common sense whether it's appropriate for the board or not. You can often just give a warning for a video and no one will say anything.

- Flaming

Attacking individuals via name calling, general rudeness, starting fights, instigating, so and and so forth will be dealt with accordingly. If you are the recipient of someone's attacks as mentioned previously, report it. Do whatever you can to not participate. You do not want to bring yourself down as well.

- Hate Speech

We have a variety of members from all different backgrounds, cultures, countries, so on and so forth. Anime and Manga really bring people together. If you are spewing inflammatory remarks based on Race/Religion/Gender/Orientation you will be banned without a second thought.

- Harassment

Essentially flaming, but the continued pursuit of a member via 1)the open forum or 2)private messages. We do not take this lightly because it makes the victim(s) uncomfortable and feel unsafe here at FTB. We care for each members' wellbeing, anyone found to be disrupting other members' wellbeing via personal attacks will be dealt with accordingly. You can report your personal messages to the staff. Do so ASAP if this is happening to you.

- Keep it PG-13

Our goal is to be an enjoyable site for all ages and so the content posted should reflect our goal. That being said a good rule of thumb when posting anything from your opinions, videos, images, etc is to think of the themes, language, and imagery used in Fairy Tail itself. Since we are a Fairy Tail board anything that has happened in the Anime/Manga can be posted about along with similar content.

Other Stuff

Some other major offences that will certainly lead to more trouble:
  • Multi-Accounting. If you have another sibling sharing your connection, it's always best to let us know in advance.
  • Ban Evasion, it's fairly easy for us to tell who you are and it will only prolong your ban if you're caught.
  • NSFW Content. Remember the PG-13 guideline. Any material meant strictly for adults over the age of 18 posted will result in infractions and/or a ban.
  • Age Restriction. Part of the terms of service of Fairy Tail Base is that you MUST be 13 years or older to be an official member. This is because the content of FTB can sometimes be PG-13. If you are found to be younger than 13 years your account may be subject to termination.

End Note

All staff decisions are final and are not open to debate, if you come into a disagreement or feel you are treated unjustly please contact an Administrator in private.

Aug 19, 2013
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