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    There's probably been countless discussions on this subject already, but I didn't see any on the frontpage and I don't like to necro threads. So. I'll create my own thread!

    Lumen Histoire. What is this? I've seen quite a bit of speculation on this topic. Some going from being quite logical, and others are so far off the charts that it is hilarious to read.
    Anyways. In this post I'm going to try to keep to the facts we already know about the world of Fairy Tail and not draw conclusions without having anything to support it with.

    First off, let's start with the phrase itself: "Lumen Histoire".
    It's quite interesting to notice that it is put together from "Lumen" (Latin) with "Histoire" which is french.
    Lumen translates to light, while Histoire means history. So: History of Light OR The light of history.

    But it goes deeper than this, if we want to analyze it even more, which we do.
    Lumen can, additionally, mean: understanding, the eye, the light of day, clearness, or a lamp.

    With these extra meanings to the word, we can make a whole range of new sentences that can better help us guess what's hidden below the guild. Two examples:

    1) The eye of history
    2) History of the daylight

    Now, could there be a gigantic eye hidden below the dungeon? Is it...*dum durru dum* the Illuminati?! (okay, poor joke, but it was fitting!)

    To be continued...Soon. :p

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