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    So I'm sure most of you have already noticed, but you may have been awarded one of our new post ranks by now! A lot of new characters make appearances now.

    A full list of them can be seen by clicking here.

    Credits for making them go to Juvia who is currently @The Grinch so say thanks or something. I also hear he likes grasshoppers, giant buckets of food, and cartons of eggs so you can post images of those to his wall, I'm sure he will be very thankful!

    Now unlike the last set of post ranks we had these do not update automatically. I have been adding them to everyone's profile as I see them (the more active you are the more likely it is you have already gotten the rank, lol) but of course I cannot possibly get every single person due to how many users we have.

    So here are four things:

    1. If you haven't gotten one yet PM me. I will add it asap.

    2. If you have already gotten yours and you have now passed that rank PM me so I can change it to the next rank up.

    3. If you have purchased a VIP membership please PM me additional info on which VIP rank you want (be sure to click the link I posted above to see the choices of Acnologia, Lucy, and Natsu)

    4. Since these post ranks are counted as medals, this means you can arrange them by going into where you would organize your medals.

    Sorry you guys did without ranks for so long, appreciate your patience. :)

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