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  1. Nuh1000 The Sass Master Prince

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    Greetings to the voting round of WoTM 11!
    For this round we have three excellent pieces, so take your time, get ready and enjoy!

    Twas the night FTB style

    Twas the Night before Christmas all through the base
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a trace
    The power cords were hung by the sockets with care
    All in hopes that the internet connection will still be there.
    The new members were nestled all engrossed in their threads
    While visions of naked Gray danced in their heads.
    And @Tifa with her avatar and I with my sig
    Had just settled in for a dispute that was big
    When out on the garden there arose such a clatter
    I sprang from the chair to see what was the matter
    Away from the computer, I flew like @Racer
    Tore open the shutters, and decided to chase ‘er
    The moon looked like a boob that @Globear would ship
    While the snow so white, I took a trip
    When, what to my beautiful eyes should see
    But a figurine Natsu and a tiny Laxus plushie
    With a little old driver, so lively with chicks
    I knew in a moment it had to be St. Sixx
    More stealthy than @Cofee Cat his buddies they came
    And he whistled, and shouted, and call’d them by name:
    Now @Juvia, now @E.N.D now @Nuh1000 and @Nirvana
    Oh! @Jafar On! @Cloud @Tempesta and those that wanna
    A bundle of medals was flung on his back
    With a variety of FT and anime characters in his pack
    He spoke not a word and went straight to work
    Deleting the spam and banning a nameless jerk
    Keeping peace between @BluePegasus and the rest
    Reiterating the regulations he addressed
    He sprung to his Lambo to his team he gave a whistle
    And away they drove down the street like a Mistel
    But I heard him exclaim, with all good reason
    Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good season!

    "Fairytail Fairytail Fairytail
    They are a guild who never loses
    They celebrate christmas together
    Joining the gang,eating cakes and gossiping

    Snow falls in Magnolia,but what it is to them,

    Making snowman,creating christmas tree
    And waiting for Santa to come
    and distribute gifts.

    Where all things burn
    When thou dost turn merry

    Natsu,Lucy the two jewels of Fairytail
    And our beloved Erza tortures them

    She forces a christmas dare but she loses in the end.

    The iron Dragon and the book worm
    The ice mage and the water princess
    are present

    She goes out in the dark unclothed
    but her saviour Jellal comes.

    All the main ships got a happy ending
    and i am happy now

    Eternal blizzard

    December 1st
    I've always disliked snow. It's so cold and white, it gives me headaches. And now, it's winter, so the snow is coming back. A week ago, the was only a few centimeters, but now, it's like two meters! It feels like we're stuck in the middle of a huge blizzard! Well, I don't really mind for now. The school was closed today because of it so I missed the most boring day in my schedule, even though we'll retake it later in April. I hope it last long enough so that we'll miss more days!

    December 5th
    It's still snowing non-stop... After five days! On TV, they say there's 5 meters on the ground... But they also said two days ago that today, we shouldn't have snow! We can barely go out. There's still no school and my parents risk their lives each morning and evening to go to work and come back home. Well, there's a good thing to it though, I can build snowmen with my friends and play outside! Yesterday, we built an igloo and it fell in ruins five minutes after we came out of it to go inside drink hot chocolate cups. It's fun to have enough snow to play, but I hope it'll go away soon... I don't like school, but it's getting colder everyday.

    December 8th
    A week has past since the beginning of what the medias call "the eternal blizzard". This is just a name they gave to the blizzard. It can't be eternal, right? I mean, it'll stop one day or another. I mean... Okay, I just hope this will end within a few days!

    December 16th
    How can it possibly last for that long?! It's been more than two weeks! People are dying because of the cold and the iced and slippery roads! My mother had a car accident this morning... She's fighting to stay alive. One of my friends, a girl with beautiful long red hair, died last week because she was going to visit her grandmother and a car hit her because the driver lost control. I don't go out anymore... First because my headaches are getting worse, and second because it's too dangerous. Each morning since my friend's death, I beg my parents to stay home or to move somewhere else, far away from this devil blizzard.

    December 21st
    My mother passed away a few days after the accident. It's been around three week since the beginning of this blizzard... I don't know if it'll stop, but I hope it will, and soon. After my mother's death, my father began to be depressed, saying it was his fault that she died, that he should have said her to stay home and all... And yesterday, he drove like crazy on the road back home... He lost control of his car and crashed into a lamppost. It was fatal to him and he died right away, leaving me all alone behind. All of my friends stay inside their house, where they are safe. As for me, most of their parents were opened to take care of me, but I declined. I didn't want to be alone, but I didn't want to burden them either. For now, I manage to survive.

    December 25th
    It's Christmas! Well, not as happy as I hope it to be, but still a bit better than what I imagined it would be after my parents passed away. Some of my acquaintances are asking me why I didn't cry, even after both my parents died. Maybe they think I don't care, maybe they think I didn't realized it yet and that I still hope they'll come back, but they're wrong. I know they will never come back and I cared about them. It's just that it won't come out. I'm sad, but I can't show it. Also, my parents always said me: "If we ever die, we don't want you to cry and lose your life. We want you to keep on living your life and being happy." When my mother died, those words came back in my mind and made me smile. If only she had known back then that she would die young, because of a car accident in an eternal blizzard.

    December 31st
    It's almost midnight, a new year will begin soon. It's still snowing outside and most of the citizens moved out. There's only one of my friends remaining in town, his parents trying to convince me to come with them. I still decline the offers of all the citizens who wants to adopt me. They can't see that I like the way things are right now. I'm never alone. I wonder if New Year will stop the snow... Anyway, how could this eternal blizzard ever end? Maybe I should go to the library, to see if there's any books talking about it.

    January 5th
    It's the second day since the last citizens moved out. People gave me their phone number so that I could call if I ever needed something. I was walking outside in the cold, trying to understand the blizzard, it's origins. I went in the library, where the books were, waiting for someone to read them. I read all the books about meteorology, nothing in there to help me understand. I read books about the town, magic, supernatural, and even religion, still nothing. I tried to find out on the internet but nothing like what's happening here ever happened before. I was on my way to the mall, to look for other books, when I saw footprints in the snow. It wasn't human footprints but some animal's tracks. I lower myself to the ground to take a better look. I wasn't able to recognize the animal who left the tracks, so I moved on.

    January 10th
    A week after I started to live alone in the city, I still haven't found the source of the eternal blizzard. Some of my former friends call me everyday, trying to make me change my mind, even though they probably know it won't work. I'm currently reading books about everything related more or less to snowstorms. Since the beginning of my researches, I think I read more than fifty books, more than I read before. I wonder if I'll find out something, someday... Also, there's the tracks I found before, they're appearing everywhere in town now. I found other tracks this morning near my house. I'll begin to look for the animal who leaves them behind him. I think this is more urgent than the source of the blizzard.

    January 15th
    Five days since I decided to find the animal who's leaving tracks in town. Luckily, there was a book about animal tracks in the library. I read it and the animal should be a type of wolf. Either a gray wolf or an arctic wolf. Anyway, in either case I'm in a bad situation if there's a whole wolf-pack and they try to eat me up. I need to find the source of the blizzard as soon as possible.

    January 19th
    Oh my god, today was... Awesome? Weird? Full of mystery and magic? Scary? To be honest, I can't describe it, but it was a mix of all emotions! Well, the wolf who was in town, I finally which type it is. It's an arctic wolf and it's a female! She is pure white with emerald eyes. And, she's mine now. I don't how it happened, but when I saw her, she was siting in the snow and looked right into my eyes. I sensed something inside me breaking apart, tearing, or anything that sounds like that. And then, all my fear of her left me. She walked up to me and sat down. I presented my hand, she smelled it and let me pat her! I can't believe I pat a wolf! After that, she rub herself on my right leg, I think she was howling, maybe she was purring too, I don't really know. I pat her again and I realized I still needed to find the reason of this eternal blizzard here. So I walked to the library and she followed me inside. I spent the whole day and the evening in the library, anyway it's not like it would close or like someone is going to steal in the town. I was going to spend the night and sleep in the library when the wolf rub herself against me again. I had change my winter clothes for summer clothes a few hours before since it was hot in the library. She leaned against my leg and... In a dazzling light, she disappeared. When I was able to see around, I looked for her but I couldn't find her. I had a weird feeling just above my right ankle so I looked to make sure I wasn't hurt. And I found a tattoo! A emerald eyed white wolf! The female wolf had transform into a tattoo on my leg! I still barely believe it, but it really happened!

    February 1st
    It was a fabulous day! It's been two months since the beginning of the blizzard and I finally found out the source. Well, I think I found it. The day the blizzard began, I wished it would last long enough to miss more school days... Well, I think wishes come true in the end! Some of my former friends were still calling me to make me change my mind, but I told them to give up and forget me, because I would never left this place! This town is my kingdom now. With Lunae, yes my female wolf, I'm really happy and I'm never alone, also I always have things to eat. Her name is "moonlight" in Latin, I learned it in a book about meteorology in the first day I looked for the reason of the blizzard and remembered it. She's so beautiful and she guides me in the night, just as the moon! She's my moonlight, and she'll stay by my side forever.

    June 1st
    It's been six or seven months since the blizzard started, I'm close to stop counting days. They are all the same, snow falling down on the town and me playing with Lunae all day long! This is my new life and even if I'm young, I love it and I won't change it. I hope that the story of this town will one day show up in history books. Maybe the town won't be called Three Pines anymore but Endless Winter instead. No matter what others are saying, this snowy town is amazing and I love it. This is my town and nobody will ever take me away from it.

    December 1st
    It's been a year by now. It feels so long ago... No one ever came back, neither did anyone called me after the third month they were away. There's only Storm who joined us, he's a sapphire eyed arctic wolf.

    January 1st
    New Year again! There was a girl who came to town today... I never saw her before, so I thought she was lost and when I came closer, she seemed surprise to see someone alive in this deserted town. She was kind of beautiful, with green eyes and red hair, just like my friend who died the year before. That girl who came, she wasn't lost, she was in need of somewhere to stay for the night, or that was what she said me. In fact, she was neither lost neither in need of somewhere to stay. She wanted to come here, she thought she would be able to meet for the first time in her life her real parents and family. She was my friend's twin! Her parents gave one of the twins to the adoption because they were both young and couldn't take care of both of them! So, my friend's twin is staying for the night and I hope forever.

    February 10th
    A bit more than a month after she first showed up, Angelina, my deceased friend's twin, came again and this time she stayed longer. She's still here today and she said me she wouldn't move out, that she would stay here with me forever!

    May 30th
    Angelina and I are living together since she decided to stay in this town with me. We both adapted our lifestyle to the life we have now. She owns Storm, who transformed into a tattoo above her ankle, just as I own Lunae. As for why they transform into tattoos or not, it's because they're our best buddies! Well, not really... I read a book called "Spirit animals" and some humans own animals, just like me and Angelina. The animals transform into tattoos. If they aren't in the tattoo form, they can give powers to their owner. This is the reason why Angelina and I are able to handle the cold outside and why we can see in the dark.

    October 20th
    We are happy and we love our lives! I hope people will remember this one thing. Be careful with wishes, you never know which one are coming true and to what extend.

    Just to clarify again, the option number's correlates with the poll, not the prompt number.
    Two things you should know;
    1) No voting for yourself! If you do so, it will be voided.
    2) If you're on the app and can't use/see the poll, you may PM me or declare in comments, your vote. Don't forget to @/Nuh1000 when you vote in the comments.
    Multiple votes are allowed!
    Voting ends on the 1/7/17! However dates are flexible.

    Curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, a cozy blanket and get reading!
    Best of luck everyone and I hope everyone enjoys!

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  2. Globear Globaki =-=

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    Aweeeee the first one was my favourite but all three were very well written!
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  3. Kappa123 2015-2017

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    Second one is my favorite. Natsu and Lucy jewels :happy: Beloved Erza :happy:

  4. 고귀한 Queen of the Fairies

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    Genuinely thought they were all great, but I'm voting for the first.
    (Mainly because of that sly BLACKPINK reference at the end)
    Make 'em whistle like a missile; bomb, bomb...
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  5. Dédé Wolves biggest lover

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    I've always loved poems, the entries were enjoyable to read :)

    Good job to every writer and let the best win I guess :D
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  6. Coffee Cat Hyperactive Demon

    Coffee Cat
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    "More stealthy than @Cofee Cat his buddies they came"

    Hahah, I didn't no my clumsiness deserved to be included in a poem.
    I feel honored XD

    All entries are amazing and the entry 3 deserves a lot of praise, because that must have taken a lot of time to type.
    However I'm gonna vote for #1, I love when people type about FTB members :3
  7. Reebi B Glasses Make Me Smarter

    Reebi B
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    Ya, the first one is funny. #3 is well written and I like how #2 related to the Christmas special.
  8. Coffee Cat Hyperactive Demon

    Coffee Cat
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    Yup, they all have very great elements in them :) Number two was really cute and contains ships (which I love) *.*
  9. Reebi B Glasses Make Me Smarter

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    I wonder who the winner is.

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